I met Dr Lynn when I was stuck in a rut and frustrated with my life. When I first talked to her on the phone, I was amazed with the laser sharp accuracy of the reading. Anytime I have felt the darkness all around me, faced with difficult situation, she has always been my guiding light and helps me navigate my way in this world. After every reading, my spirit is uplifted and I feel good... Since I met Dr Lynn, I was able to change my perception, my thoughts and ultimately my life. Dr Lynn has guided, directed, and helped me get to where I am to today. Dr Lynn has honestly been my spiritual guide and I am forever grateful - Elsa, psychiatrist

Thank you so much for your guidance. I want you to know that without your help I would not have been able to navigate my way in this world. Without you, my therapist and spiritual advisor, I would have been deep in depression a long time ago. I will take your advise and focus on completing the unfinished task with my x husband, and focus in completing the residency program and finding a new job. I am blessed to have you in my life! - Ella, medical student

I can already say that was the best $100 I've spent in a long time... definitely well worth it. I felt so much healing during our session and am now so excited about my life again thanks to all the valuable insights you shared with me and answers I got for the many questions I had. I felt great relief in many ways, as well - Daniel T, nutritionalist

I feel like I got my mojo back. (Lynn is) a treasure for sure! - Giselle P

Not sure I would've gotten my book published and understood all the hidden pieces that I needed to be able to get it done so fast without your advice. You have helped me so much to understand the land and what it needed for successful results, so that I could share it with others and hopefully save this planet, one farmer at a time! Can't thank you enough for all that you do - Eric H, farmer & author

Lynn, you just seem to know what to illuminate for me so that my life, emotions, health and relationships go more smoothly and happily! I am blessed to have you in my life! - JD, attorney

I hesitate to think how my business all these years would have gone if it had not been for your stellar advice when I needed to make crucial decisions. You are a gem and I am grateful to have been blessed all these years having you on my side - PDR, inventor/researcher/engineer

Thank you for saving my marriage. There were so many issues we went over with marriage counselors, yet nothing seemed to move us in a happy direction. It is so hard to believe you could get us on the right track so quickly. You could see our dynamics so well. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, we are finally having the relationship I always thought we could! - Katja, wife & mother

There are no words that really convey how grateful I am that you could find the block to my financial success. I am just flying now. Money is flowing, it is almost like magic, you are amazing! -Josie, sales

Wow Lynn, you saved my life. I did not think I would ever be healthy again. It is so amazing that I am here in Canada and you are in the states and yet you were able to see into my body and tell me about the candida. Since I took care of that problem I have lost so much weight, my emotions are stable, I don’t have any more rashes and my lungs are clear. You are a Godsend, I really do feel like you saved my life. Thank you from the deepest recesses of my heart. Now I feel like I can look for a mate and strong enough to entertain having children one day - Deana W, computer tech

I was so lost with respect to my purpose in life. I dabbled in so many things, took so many courses, workshops, seminars. I honestly felt so frustrated I was ready to throw in the towel. Then a friend told me about you… I half heartedly made the appointment wondering how a session could possibly help me find out what I am here for…you did though! I don’t know how you know these things. I can just tell you that you hit the bullseye and I felt it when you revealed my true journey here, wow! It has been a wonderful year. I am so happy and feel like I am making a real difference!! - Derek P, massage therapist

I have been so much wanting to shift and change but feeling stuck. This was the opening I was looking for. I have been so joyful since I hung up with you and was excited to tell some close friends of my reading... (one even booked a [session] with you). I feel significantly shifted and am elated to be more present, witness my Being here now as the future blossoms before me. I realize now it is what you do for people that I would love to contribute to the world: counseling with psychic awareness, getting to the heart of problems and empowering others through their voice and insights to feel better and to come into clarity, inspiring them to take positive action in their lives. The idea that I have something like that to work towards is exciting! - Ankah H, musician

I have been talking to Lynn now for more than three years. When I first found her I was a "scared little pup" and had no clue as to this ongoing transformation that I was experiencing. Since our first session she has been helping me to look inward and understand why I am here and that my life counts. Countless times over the years she has stuck by me... and just makes my soul feel at ease. She has gone way beyond what normal people do to help me. I am so blessed to have her on my journey in this life. She always reminds me that this life is for us to experience and to not take ourselves so seriously. There's too many times for me to tell you how she's helped me out of serious "issues" that I've had. Lynn knows her calling and is a very wise soul, and speaks to my heart continuously - Greg B

Lynn, I am so grateful that you are in my life! I know I can come to you when I am in the throws of yet another dark night of the soul, and you are able to help me in so many ways - see new possibilities for myself, all involved and what I'm going through and to understand from a higher perspective what's going on. I am comforted, uplifted and inspired - Bonnie D, engineering consultant

Wow! Thank you truly! I just got off of the phone with my mom and I told her how happy I was after speaking with you... I am going to take your suggestions and apply them to improving my life. Please know that I am so grateful for your guidance and I will now work on learning to love the person I am. I will be telling my friends! God Bless! - Terrell J, student 

My longstanding career as an advertising creative director had stalled out. I was out of money and out of options for what to do next. I talked to Lynn for the first time in the summer of 2011. Right away the experience was incredible. Here was a perfect stranger providing insights about me that years of counseling and coaching had not provided. I felt like Lynn knew me right away. I asked about my career. Lynn said she saw me in front of a group of people speaking. I was inspiring and teaching them.. A few weeks later my wife pointed out a job opening, entry level, being a technical assistant at a local university. I applied and heard nothing for months. Finally in October I got an interview at the university. They brought me on in January and right away I got promoted to course director. As I stood in front of the classroom, teaching for the first time in my life, I realized Lynn’s vision had come true, in stunning detail. This has turned out to be a great job. Throughout this time Lynn has been a source of inspiration and hope for me. She is a wonderful combination of insight and kindness - Peter, marketing instructor

I call Lynn when my mind is spinning, wondering, worrying, when I am uncertain, when my life is about to or has recently changed or if I’m wondering if I should make a change. I call when I want confirmation I’m OK and I’m on the right path, when I’m in transition, when I’m wondering if I should act or wait, when I’m scared my world is falling apart and I need confirmation all is well in my world. Whether about my health, my career, a relationship, a decision or choice. I call when I’m concerned or feeling lost, when I need answers or comfort or reassurance. Whenever I call Lynn, she focuses on me. In what she shares I feel relief, comfort, confirmation. I can release and relax and let go. I know with certainty I am OK, I am enough, I am doing enough well enough. I remember I am a child of G-d and that G-d loves and celebrates and treasures me, that what is happening in my world is for my best and highest good. I call and talk with Lynn often as my world is ever in great flux and uncertainty, when I want confirmation that regardless of how my ego interprets what’s happening, I am in the flow, in the right place at the right time doing the right thing in the right way --- or I get guidance about what to change, what to do differently, what new choices or direction to go. I call when I want to hear that all is well in my world. I call Lynn when I want to connect with my Higher Power and I can’t seem to do it on my own, when I want guidance and I can’t seem to hear it on my own or I want confirmation that I am sensing and hearing and feeling what I think I am. I call Lynn when I want to feel safe and appreciated and loved and confirmed, when I want to remember to allow and accept and celebrate and feel love, loving and loveable. I call Lynn and I get what I want and need --- the strength to stand up, step up, step out into my life, to embrace myself and my life with greater trust, faith and inner peace - BD, MBA 

** To schedule a session, please email drlynnlawrence@aol.com or call (512) 417-6323