SALONS - Group Sessions

Salons are private mini-readings in a group setting. They are generally hosted by an individual or group and may last from 1 to 2 hours.

Hosts set the attendee fee ($20-40 is suggested) and are responsible for organizing the event. In order to create the best possible atmosphere for all, it is generally requested an event have a minimum of 10 pre-registered attendees.  

For the sake of the privacy of attendees, it is requested that all recordings be approved prior to an event. Professional live audio and video recordings may be arranged upon request. Please be sure to note in your request if you would like your salon professionally filmed or taped. Professional event organizing and production assistance is also available upon request.  


A range of trainings and workshops are available upon request. They may be specific or cover a range of topics, including those listed here. Lynn is also available as a guest speaker, teacher and seminar or workshop leader.

** To schedule a salon or for more information about events, trainings, seminars & workshops, please email or call (512) 417-6323