LIFE READINGS - Private Sessions

Life Readings are private sessions conducted over the telephone. Within a Life Reading session, Lynn connects with information from the perspective of your individual past, present and future. By intuiting information through the sound of your voice, she is able to align with your experience from an energetic, vibrational and soul perspective. Once aligned, she offers advice with the ultimate goal of connecting you with your joyful nature and upgrading the quality of your life. Life Readings may cover any area of life - from relationships, health and family to business, finances, career and life purpose. There is no judgment in these sessions - only love, respect and understanding.


  • Helps bring you an understanding of who you are and why you are here
  • Provides valuable information to make sense of and get through life's changes
  • Illuminates blockages, fears and past wounds; clearing the way for you to attract opportunities, and helping you go from where you are to where you want to be
  • Gives you information to move past body/mind dis-ease for a healthier body and a more peaceful mind


  • Readings are conducted via telephone and last from 30-90 minutes each. You may use any device with a clear signal. A cell phone or landline works just fine. You may wish to use a headset so that you can relax, hands-free
  • Prior to the session, you may eat or drink anything that does not significantly alter your consciousness (no recreational drugs or alcohol)
  • Consider areas of your life where you have been feeling stuck, challenged, unfulfilled or confused. Write down a list of questions around these issues to use as a guide during your session. The more specific the questions, the more details will be revealed. You may ask questions about any area of your life

** To schedule a Life Reading, please email or call (512) 417-6323