Ed. S. in Marriage & Family Counseling – University of Florida, Gainesville 
M.A. in Health Education – University of Florida, Gainesville 
B.A. in Psychology– University of Florida, Gainesville


Akashic record reader & instructor
Avatar instructor
Health educator & nutritionalist
Imago relationship therapist
Life coach
Past life regression therapist
Reconnection healer
Reiki master
Spiritual practitioner 
Meditation & yoga instructor (Kundalini & Hatha)


A Course in Miracles - Leader of study group
Akashic Record Reader & Advanced Instructor - [2000-present] 
Avatar Masters Course - Conducted basic courses 
Center for Attitudinal Healing - Conducted grief counseling groups
Dance Therapy with Gabrielle Roth
Dennis Waitly courses
Forum with Werner Erhert & continuing seminars 
Holotropic Breathwork w/ Stan Grof & Jacquelyn Small
Imago Relationship Therapist
Integrative Rebirther - Practiced for 26 years / Conducted courses for therapists
Loving Relationship Training - Conducted couples seminars
Mahikari Healing
Miracle of Love - Assisted in 10 day seminars
Native American (Lakota) ceremonies - Studied traditions & medicinal herbs 
Psych-K muscle testing for subconscious beliefs - Courses for therapists
Reconnection Healing
Reiki Master - Certified master practitioner & instructor levels 1, 2, & 3 
Regression therapy & hypnotherapy for wellness - Basic & advanced  
Self-Realization Fellowship - Lessons from Yogananda  
Silva Method - Basic & advanced courses 
Temple of the Universe [asham] - 20 years of daily satsang, meditation & yoga
Tony Robbins 'Personal Power'
Transcendental Meditation - Practicing since 1969 
Yoga through Kripalu Center, Yogi Amrit Desai - The teachings of Gurudev
Arnold Patent's 'You Can Have it All' seminars